The main goal of the company is to serve the needs of its customers in the most effective way, in order to maximize the value of their business. This is achieved by providing high quality services based on the significant experience and high professional level of its members.

For us, each customer is unique, as are their needs. To meet these needs some of the services we offer as a company are:


• Annual Regular Audits provided by Greek legislation.

• Annual Tax Audits in all legal entities.

• Optional audits in all forms of companies.



• Financial reports on mergers, acquisitions, acquisitions and valuations.

• Provision of consulting services for the preparation of companies' listing on the Athens Stock Exchange.

• Financial audits for the listing of company shares on the Athens Stock Exchange.

  • Preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with Greek law (IAS as well as IAS).

• Human Resources Management Advice.


• Designing adequate internal control mechanisms to record activities and processes.

• Provision of accounting and other financial advisory services.

• Special management controls.



• Financial Management and Cost Accounting advice.

• Cash Flow Planning Advisory Services.





• Audits of Financial Statements of Insurance Funds.

• Annual Audits of OTA (Municipalities) Financial Statements.





• Organization of accounting and Internal Audit Systems.

• Tax planning and strategies.

Transfer pricing documentation.




Applications of Greek Accounting Standards and Cost Accounting.

• Tax Advice and Audit Certificates for tax use.

• Application of International Accounting Standards to Businesses and Organizations.



ARTIA POREIA LTD will provide your company, as well as its other clients, with any service that encompasses the range of auditors' responsibilities.
The high level of the company is ensured by two key factors:
ARTIA POREIA LTD performs all work in accordance with International Standards on Auditing, as adopted by the European Union.
ARTIA POREIA LTD applies the rules and principles governing the validity of Reanda International's international network.

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